Your wedding day is not the day for surprises.  Surprised by the gift your fiancé got you? Great. Delighted by the card your loved one wrote?  Wonderful.  Surprised that the makeup and/or hairstylist can't actually accomplish your long-dreamt of look?  Not so good.

A trial is a great way to see if you and your makeup artist have a connection and can communicate with each other in order to make your look a reality.  A good timeline for a trial is 4-6 months in advance of your wedding.  Six months is a good gauge as you will have a better chance of having your date available with your chosen artist and it's not so far out you will totally forget what you looked like.

A trial is a great time to test drive your look!  Don't just go wash off your makeup and take down your hair after your artist leaves.  Make your fiancé take you out!  Or have a girls night out dancing! You want to make sure your look is going to hold up through the tears, the champagne toast and the last dance.

My make-up trials run for about an hour.  Make-Up with hair trials run about two hours.  We'll cover the looks you've chosen (it's good to have a couple of variations), discuss the advantages or need for airbrush, and find the look that best works with your face. Pinterest is your friend for this kind of thing.



The obvious follow up, I know.  I accommodate weddings locally, nationally and internationally.  I take weddings from 1 person up to 10-12 or so, depending on what services are required.  Minimum fees apply for Saturday Weddings from May through October.




Commercial Info

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